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Storm Jocelyn to impact Ireland and the UK later Tuesday – here’s the details

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Storm Jocelyn

After Storm Isha hit the British Isles this past Sunday, with wind speeds up to 100mph, next in line is storm Jocelyn, which has already been forecast to follow Isha shortly after

Jocelyn won't be a storm quite as intense as Isha was, that's the good thing, however given that the British Islands are still recovering from the storm, it's still going to be well felt – gusts can be up to 80mph in exposed coasts and even 70mph inland 

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Of course, just like Isha, Jocelyn will have higher winds in the highlands, mainly in Scotland, up to 100mph

Jocelyn is forecast to track a lot more North than Isha did, although the details are still not totally “tuned”, some weather models have it a little closer to the UK and that will definitely affect the way Ireland and England will be affected

In Scotland though it is more likely to be a strong storm, hence why the UK MetOffice decided to issue a amber warning – keep reading after the ad for more info


Storm Jocelyn is currently approaching the British Isles. As we can see from the satellite it is “gathering strength”, much like Isha did, as it transitions from the warmer subtropical waters to the cooler waters in the North Sea

We can easily tell just by looking at satellite that it is tracking norther than Isha – a good thing – but also it remais unclear how much North, and also how strong of a storm it will be

Given latest model forecasts it looks like it might drop down to 960hPA in pressure – a very strong storm system – however the strongest gusts forecast are not even close to Isha

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Judging by ICON-EU, UKMO-HD and ARPEGE, as well as some other global models like the GFS or ECMWF it's likely the max winds in the low lands will be around 80mph – however these “HD” models show it sometimes gusting over that, even inland, which might indicate the potential for a few convective gusts, in localized spots – something to look out for

Let's look at Isha in Satellite first, and then jump to the forecast to each country!

Current satellite image of Jocelyn approaching British Isles


A blend of several weather models, trying to find an “average” forecast shows that impacts should start in Ireland around 3PM, where winds will start getting in the western coasts around 60mph (100km/h), sometimes 70\75mph (110\120km/h). It will then after 4\5PM start to be felt inland, where most places in the northern half of Ireland will be impacted by winds up to 60mph (100km/h) even inland – which prompted warnings from Met-Éireann

After the initial impact Jocelyn should start to impact Northern Ireland with winds up to 80mph (125\130km/h) possible in exposed coasts up North

Ireland\Northern Ireland will be impacted from 3PM to around late evening (10\11PM) (for Ireland) and 3AM Wednesday (Northern Ireland)

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After that the wind should ease

Rain should not be too much of a worry but some places could see up to 30mm of precipitation

The chart below, available at shows the maximum wind gusts forecast by one of our favorite weather models, ARPEGE

Strong winds - Storm


Southern England will feel this storm, and there may be some disruptions, but the forecast max wind gusts don't really go above 50\55mph – well below Isha's – with peak between 6PM and 12AM, likely, Tuesday

Still care is needed – these are gusts with the potential to still cause some damage

Wales will feel the storm a little bit harder, with gusts up to 60\65mph possible – then again it will still be way below Isha's maximum gusts

However in the exposed coasts gusts as high as 70mph locally can happen – definitely a situation to consider – it's true this storm is the kind of storm the UK is more used to, which does not mean you should let your guard down

In Northern England. however, gusts up to 70 mph are possible even inland, with 75mph likely in very exposed places – these are damagind and concerning wind gusts, likely to cause damage and disruptions. Again not as strong as Isha, but still a strong storm – do not let your guard down just because “it's not bad as the past one”follow the authorities advice at ALL TIMES

We can see in the chart below, from ICON-EU model, that up to 40\50mm of rain are likely to fall, leading to the risk of flooding

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Rain in the UK - Tuesday\Wednesday


Due to the track North, Scotland is the country that will most affected by this depression, at least judging by forecast, just like with Isha

The maximum forecast winds are near 90mph for exposed coasts – that's definitely VERY strong wind, likely leading to damage and even risk to like

In the highlands it's likely to gust over 100mph

The effects will be felt from 6PM Tuesday onwards, with the peak likely coming from 12AM to 3AM in Wednesday, for the western coasts, but between 3 to 6AM Wednesday for the northern coasts and inland

This will be not as strong as Isha – that's for certain – but still, maximum precaution is needed as a amber warning is in place by the UKMO

Rain is also forecast to be strong at times, leading to totals around 50mm – possible flooding in places

Storm Jocelyn to impact Ireland and the UK later Tuesday - here's the details


Waves up to 10m (33 ft) are likely, mainly in Northern Ireland and Scotland

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This is due to, once again, the track further North

We can see both the wave forecast by GFS and the mean sea level pressure (minimum) from this storm, as it tracks north of the British Isles

Do not understimate Jocelyn just because it is “weaker” than Isha – weather is sometimes unpredictable and can cause more problems that we sometimes antecipate – prevention is key to safety

Charge up everything you have, phones, batteries, powerbanks, get some thermal blankets just in case and keep calm, but protect yourself

Waves in the UK - Forecast by the GFS

Storm Jocelyn to impact Ireland and the UK later Tuesday - here's the details


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Keep safe during this storm – and watch out the next 6-8 days – more rain and wind coming – we don't think any more storms will be named, but a surprise one might appear, it's always slightly unpredictable

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